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About us

Created by Erplain, Stockpit is here to help entrepreneurs faced with the challenge of integrating inventory management features into their invoicing software.

Stockpit lors de ComptaTech
Stockpit at French event "Comptatech 2023"

Inventory Management Expertise

Erplain, where it all began
Erplain is a software publisher specializing in B2B sales and inventory management. The company was founded in 2016 in Canada and has been established in France since 2018, in the Grenoble area. It also maintains offices in Canada, in Toronto, to ensure proximity to its clients.

With thousands of clients spanning over 50 countries, Erplain continues to expand, offering reliable, high-performance, and affordable tools with a mission to guide SMBs towards new technologies and support them in their growth.

Guiding You to Success

We Are Here For You

Our team is here for you to support you in your user experience, guide you through all the features of Stockpit, address your questions, and assist you in optimizing your inventory management. Our purpose? Your complete satisfaction.

Stockpit Team
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Bringing You Valuable Partners

Stockpit seamlessly integrates with your invoicing software to enhance your business management with advanced inventory management features. Our shared ambition? Harnessing technology for the benefit of optimal customer experience and to provide a comprehensive solution that meets all needs. To achieve this, we partner with two solutions:


Sellsy, a CRM solution (sales, invoicing, pre-accounting)


Pennylane, an accounting and financial solution


And we are just getting started! More partnerships are on the horizon...

Manage your inventory in real time

Say goodbye to stockouts! Get your inventory valuation, monitor the inflow and outflow of products and keep track of your inventory.

*14-Day Free Trial
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