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Are you addressing Small and Medium Businesses? Do your clients manage inventory on a daily basis? Present them with an innovative and intuitive solution to now finally manage their stocks efficiently.

Partner Program

Why Recommend Stockpit?

Often overlooked by invoicing systems, inventory management is nevertheless a key element of business profitability.

Recommending Stockpit to your clients in addition to their usual management software ensures providing them with an affordable and user-friendly tool to track their stocks in real-time, avoid shortages, and prevent overstocking!

For you, it means a reliable handle on their activity, easy stock valuation, and the possibility to get precise and more frequent intermediate management balances (IMB).

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How does the program work?

Sign up for Stockpit's Partner Program
Enjoy a free and permanent account to run your tests
Link your clients to your Stockpit partner account
Offer your clients a free trial and a demo with the Stockpit team
Enjoy discounts on your clients' monthly plans
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Benefits of the Partner Program

Sign up for Stockpit's Partner Program and enjoy:


Exclusive benefits, including personalized demos and preferential rates for your clients.


Access to all the necessary resources to help you introduce Stockpit to your clients.


Personalized support to guide you through discussions with your clients.

This program is 100% free.

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Sign up for the Partner Program

To join Stockpit's Partner Program and receive all necessary information, please fill out the form provided. A confirmation email will be sent to you, suggesting an initial call with our dedicated partner team.

Only partners - accountants, integrators, consultants - are eligible for this program, subject to approval.

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